The Social Transformation of American Medicine

The Social Transformation of American Medicine



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Sandra Moss
Historian Sandra Moss Talks About Medicine & The Civil War
Sandra Moss, Past President of The Medical History Society of New Jersey gives a presentation on civil war medicine. This clip is taken from the Essex County Medical Society’s annual founders day ceremony in 2011. Dr. Barry Prystowsky, Past President of The Essex County Medical Society introduces Dr. Alan Lipman a Past President of The Essex County Medical Society who presents Sandra Moss, M.D., M.A.

Kenneth Swan, M.D.

At the 2012 Essex County Medical Society’s Founders Day Induction Ceremony Dr. Kenneth Swan gave a presentation on the Nobel Peace Prize and the various medical professionals who have won the prize.¬† Dr. Barry Prystowsky talks about what Founders Day means to him and introduces Dr. Kenneth Swan.

Arthur Ellenberger Profile

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Profile of Arthur Ellenberger, past Executive Director of the Essex County Medical Society.
This profile was presented in November 2014 as part of the Founders Day Dinner honoring Arthur Ellenberger
with the Lifetime Achievement Award.